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Jul 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
, noonoohing. didn't nobody say anything about it."pam carter, city of baltimore housing: 29.18 "it pit a lot of us by surprise, the major damage. i guess we didn't exppcc it tt be this muc" much."the city is asking everyone o spread the word that there is help.we'll have updates for you on our show... but for those people wwthout cable... we'll also be posting we'll also be without cable... we'll also be posting information oo our website and the shelters are still open today.i'm megaa gilliland, fox45 mmrning news. a fourth person is dead... due to the heat. the state health department says the baltimore man was over 65 years old.three offthe four deaths were people over 65... anddthe health department is warning people to be careful and seek area cooling stations. one of the hardest it still underway.ere clean up is - underway.days after the storm... residents of chinquapin parkway are dealing with a major mess.fallen trees still sitting on hhuses.... cars crushed bb branches. neighbors say they've tried tt remove the ddbris themselves... but some limbs are just too big... and all
Jul 5, 2012 5:30am EDT
ahead. >>> looking forward to that. also new this morning firefighters in baltimore city were busy overnight two. two separate two alarm fires and video to show you. one affecting a historic site. came awfully close to the gas station. also this morning, a lifeguard fired for doing his job. what he did now has got other lifeguards calling him away from the scene. that story a lot of you talking about on facebook this morning. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. alongside mike masco. megan is out live this morning. >> she looks hot out there too. >> it's warm. >> but megan always looks great. >> you said it not me. >> i knew you'd run with that. >> you know we are right there. right there. >> another story by the way we're going to put on the facebook about the san diego fireworks last night. a whole 20 seconds of -- >> big bang rocket goes off. before i ever started. >> that's a good story. 79 degrees charlie. we're starting off very, very muggy and mild. take a look. and maryland's most powerful radar showing a few of the scattered showers and storms out near deep creek.
Jul 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
an accident to tell you about in baltimore city. right an pulaski highway at crescent street. parkville here at harford road everything up to speed. nothing to get in your way this morning. that will be the same case over on the west side of the beltway as we check in and take a live look actually first let's look in parkville. no problems getting up to # 83. and here's what the west side looks like at baltimore national pike. you'll notice everything nice and clear here as well and traffic picking up in the area right around the outer loop at liberty road though. only 95 as we pull up the drive times no concerns in white marsh, four minute trip from 43 down to the beltway. 95 nice and clear from the fort mchenry tunnel. from the beltway to the toll plaza eight minute ride and 83 no problems whatsoever on the jfx from the beltway to east fayette street 11 minute ride. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> today drivers in baltimore county will have four new speed cameras to worry about and remember this. you can see the locations on your screen -- now the cameras will be active from 6:00 a.m.
Jul 12, 2012 6:30am EDT
in baltimore city that you want to watch out for. it's going to be rice on pulaski highway at crescent street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> it's 6:30 right now. and much anticipated report into how penn state handled the jerry sandusky case is going to be released today. >> abc2 news linda so is here this morning with a preview of what we can learn in a few hours. >> reporter: yeah the report could reveal who knew what and when they knew it about the sandusky dais and if they did enough to stop it. an independent group led by former fbi director has been investigating penn state's role for the past seven months, they will be released this morning at 9:00. the report is expects to reveal if former football coach joe paterno and other top penn state officials tried to hide sex abuse allegations involving sandusky. the report is expected to be up to 200 pages long and focus on school officials and the role school culture may have played in allowing the abuse to continue for so long. >> committed to ensuring that our independent investigation b
Jul 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
,000. they are still without power. and much need air-conditioning. most of the people are in baltimore city and in baltimore county. they are the biggest numbers without the power this morning. >>> our outage in d.c. left some riders hiking. take a look at the i video coming in. the green line train lost power monday after waiting in a hot car for another train to come rescue them for about 30 minutes the driver told passengers the rescue train lost power too. that's when people got out of the cars and started walking in the 90-degree heat. the passengers walking to the college park station and people there were concerned that the pregnant and elderly passengers they may be at risk but everyone arrived safely hat college park station. >>> meanwhile in joplin and tuscaloosa some of them are getting new homes. nine homes will be unveiled tomorrow and five in joplin, missouri and four in tuscaloosa, alabama. you'll recall both of those cities affected by major tornadoes last year. >>> news around the nation at least three florida lifeguards are now looking for new jobs after rescuing a drownin
Jul 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
so, abc2 news. >>> 5:31 right now. search for a new baltimore city police commissioner continues. however officials from the union have already come up with a blue print for improving the department. they have come up with a plan to help cut crime and taxes. union leaders say the recent success in cutting vie will not crime could be jeopardized if the department doesn't enhance its recruits and benefits. >> if you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who've got the job done for you over the last four or five years. >> the union has called on the department to require two years of college or military service for new recruits. the fop brought in a consulting group and compared baltimore's police department to those in other cities. >>> well, alcohol may have played a role in a deadly wrong way crash on97. one of them was kelley whitt. she was driving southbound in the northbound lane at ben field road. that shows there was a blood alcohol
Jul 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
baltimore city paramedics in disbelief. >> i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> it's partly cloudy and 80 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. >>> one man's yard is dropping piece by piece down a 200-foot cliff in washington state. the hole is swallowed up a century's old tree. the fire department is concerned because of the edge. it will cause a natural sprain to change its course. >>> bolt of lightning starts a fatal chain of events in new york city. the lightning strike unleashed an avalanche of scoff of scaffolding. this woman said it was a surreal event. >> it started to collapse and i saw a gentleman passing underneath at that moment. >> the scaffolding was put up a month ago by the previous lightning strike. >>> well, the former trader took his life. he had cyanide in his system. he was seen putting something in his mouth shortly after convicted of arson. it was possible for him to hide the pill in his pocket. >>> there's new information, the major upgrade from
Jul 10, 2012 6:30am EDT
, southbound lanes of route 10, 695, if you are traveling on interstate 97, no delays up towards 695, baltimore city, house fire continues to shutdown northlinwood at fayette street. use lakewood as your alternate route. one person hospitalized with smoke inhalation. if you are beltway bound, this is old court road. traffic picking up on the outer loop, a 13 minute ride from 795 towards 95. this is oberly, traffic picking up in this vicinity. also 13 minutes from the outer loop towards 83. inner loop, moving pretty slowly as you make the push towards 95. >>> today 54-inch water main will be checked, dpw crews want to prevent the potential of a problem. linda so is live with how this pipe could be affecting you. >> reporter: we are here on lyndon in arbutus, a neighborhood that could be affected by what is going on today. you could lose your water for up to an hour as workers are testing the water main. this is wilkins avenue to the north, 195 west, 895 south, west of cherry hill and carol to the east. workers will be cutting off water to check problems with the main in southwest baltimore. even
Jul 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
:47 right now. and there's a new blueprint for improving the baltimore city police department. the fraternal order of police created a plan to cut crime and taxes. union leaders say that the department needs to enhance recruiting and officer benefits if they want to continue with recent success in cutting violent crime. >> you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who got the job done for you over the last four, five years. >> wants the department to require new recruits to have completed either two years of college or military service. the union brought in a consulting group and compared the city's police department to those in other major cities to come up with the list of recommendations. >>> hundreds of public service workers in scranton, pennsylvania including the mayor have now cut their pay to minimum wage. the mayor went against the court order when he slashed the wages. he says the city had no choice with a $16 million deficit and simply can'
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
moisture moving our way but as far as carroll baltimore howard counties and ball -- baltimore cities it lost its identity. forecast calls for a this national weather report sponsored by ensure. enjoy ensure as part of your healthy diet.- ensure, nutrition in charge. >>> it is a warning signal for civilian drones. a professor proves a computer whiz can take control of them without them knowing. >> it's hijacking a plane from a distance. you're as if you're at the controls of the plane because you've captured the pilot's sense of the navigation system. >> we'll see how big a threat that is to a technology booming in the skies. >>> and with 150 years ago this month, an army bugler played taps for the very first time. we'll look at the meaning at the simple mourn full melody and talk to a bugler who has played it hundreds of times. that's on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by jif. jif, the number one choice of choosey moms. liciously creamy. it might just make you feel like a kid again. [ both laugh ] choosy moms never stop choosing
Jul 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
,000 in baltimore city and no power means no air-conditioning and with the heat it is downright miserable. megan pringle is out live at one neighborhood in baltimore county and we're being told now the power isn't coming back on until late into the weekend but some people they've got their power back megan? >> reporter: some people woke up with power this morning charlie. now if you walk around the naked you can see a lot of scars from the deadly storms that happened last week. for example take a look at this tree. you can see -- it fell on this fence. felt on some power lines and that's the problem for this neighborhood. that's why a lot of people don't have power yet but take a look. crews are working on it. you can see that's ron up there with bge, he's been on the job for a couple of years and says -- [ indiscernible ] 16 hour shifts and as you know, it's hot. so it's not only hot for the crews working out here but also for the people who don't have power. and i know that people who don't have power -- [ indiscernible ] >> all right, we've got some technical problems there with peg began and
Jul 19, 2012 4:55am EDT
harbor. it's touching. however today members of baltimore city fire department will climb and remember. it's all part of the 9/11 memorial stair climb. they're going to walk up 110 flights of stairs to remember the victims of those attacks. the same number of flights that were in the world trade center towers. each climber is going to carry a picture of a firefighter who died in the attacks. 343 members of the new york city fire department died on september 11th. today's event starts at noon at the hilton baltimore hotel and we'll be there. >>> a crazy day yesterday with the weather. highs breaking 100 and severe weather last night. >> who didn't keep an eye on the tries in the backyard? we're going to look at the damage in one home that left the firefighter injured. >> also you exercise as much as you can but you still have concerns about your heart. a new pill your doctor could prescribe that will help you keep your doctor healthy. >> maryland's most powerful radar is saying that 400 miles away we have another storm we have to watch out for today. we're going to track it for you. lau
Jul 19, 2012 6:30am EDT
195. now if you are in baltimore city another accident. it's going to be right on west baltimore street at mount street. and heavy delays down in the inner harbor that's all due to the water main break. light street is shut down that's right between baltimore streetling and lombard street. definitely use mass transit if you can or always stick with hopkins place or fayette street. there's a detour if place but do -- detour in place but do allow yourself some extra time. the outer loop will remaybe that way down to route 40 and here's the beltway looking like in overly at bel air road. the outer loop also picking up up towards loch raven boulevard but fortunate no knobs down -- problems down to 95. if you want a chance to win a $600 gas gift card. go to my facebook page. >>> who wouldn't love to hit the day spa with your pets? sometimes the tags and cats they -- dogs is cats they need r&r. >> they work so hard in the home. best friends forever. get it fur ever. they are the doggie day care and overnight resort and they open august 1st. cockeysville. it will feature a canine senior
Jul 5, 2012 6:30am EDT
. but overnight baltimore city police hard at work on two separate two alarm fires in the city. both of them right around midnight. the first called in at 11:30. the second called in at the stroke after 12:00. and abc2 news' sherrie johnson has more on the fire at one of historic sites got a number of people worried. >> reporter: that's right charlie you know we have all new reaction and video this morning for you. abc2 news was the first on the scene in the overnight fire in northwest baltimore inside the old ambassador theatre. this is what the scene looked lightning a little before 1:00 this morning. here on liberty heights avenue. authorities say the fire broke out around midnight and now investigators have not sure -- are not sure what caused the fire exactly but crews had it under control in about 30 minutes. the ambassador theatre hear not been movie theater since 1968 and served as a church in recent years and also the sister theater of the theater if baltimore. it sits next to a gas station and had some witnesses nearby concerned after they saw flames shooting from the building. >> it was
Jul 12, 2012 4:55am EDT
following the retirement. >>> five minutes after 5:00 right now. baltimore city fire chief james crack is getting a raise. the board of estimates approved the increase yesterday at a meeting. he will receive incremental salary increases each january through 2018. the raise request comes at a time when two fire companies were forced to close due to money problems. a third one is set to close in october. >>> it is 5:05 on thursday morning. you probably heard the staying everything in -- saying everything in moderation. >> yeah this morning how moderation can benefit women especially with alcohol. >> also a bull shark scares one woman and steals her catch. lynette? >> rain showing on "good morning maryland" as of now. i'll tell you if we get some change in the forecast coming up. lauren? >> well, lynette everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street. i'll let you know in that's the same case -- if that's the same case out on the beltway here on "good morning maryland." >>> nine minutes after 5:00. you have to see this. who says fishing isn't exciting? sarah was reaching in a catch
Jul 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
is a day that evokes emotion in all of us and today members of the baltimore city fire department will do their part to help us remember. what they're going to do is walk up 110 flights of stairs to remember the victims of those attacks. the reason why it's 110 flights of stairs, that's the same number of floors at the world trade center towers, each climber is going to carry a photograph of a firefighter who fied in the attack -- tied in the attack. >>> come november you will decide the fate of the dream act. it offers in-state tuition prices to children of illegal immigrants. this afternoon supporter are going to be marching through the fells point and through the inner harbor asking for equal rights for the children of illegal immigrants. >>> you have your chance to give the input on the proposed new wal-mart in bel air at the intersection of plum tree road and 924. you can ask questions and the meeting is scheduled at the patterson mill middle and high school. it starts at 6:30. you can speak with the developers and give them your thoughts, some people wholy by the area they sear -- w
Jul 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
will be in effect. the state department confirmed eight more heat related deaths. two in baltimore city, two in baltimore county, two in ann arundel county. >>> 6 0 days, that's how long the governor is giving a plan of energy advisors. the damages caused by the storms and widespread outages led to the governor to issue an executive order given the energy leaders a mandate to come up with a plan. >>> in a few hours we should find out whether a special session will be h -- held to expand gambling. stay with wjz >>> president obama had an event in new orleans. he was speaking to members of the national urban league. >> you're competing against people in beijing and bangalore. they're not hanging out. they're not getting over. they're not playing video games. they're not watching real housewives. >> there you go. the president of the united states knows what real housewives is. we did it we broke america. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> i was wondering if you had a favorite real housewives story to share. charlie goes i'll pass. >> one of the main mysteries in the penn stat
Jul 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
and a few issues across baltimore city. certainly involving that sinkhole but the baltimore national pike. that's where we have an on going accident tying up lanes reducing speeds to 40 miles an hour. that's along 70 and 40 speeds down to around 40 miles per hour. slide that off down to the south and another issue to bring to your attention. again this is down along baltimore national pike. northbound from 95 to 495. so we will be dealing with that. outside we go for a live look. and we're starting to get jammed. westbound on 695. charlie? >>> and mike there's a sinkhole on monument street. for commuters it's going to cause problems this morning. it's the latest example causing damage to city streets. it opened up wednesday afternoon over a storm drain tunnel that carries water to the inner harbor. that drain dates back to the 1930s. >>> well, a man is supposed to be in jail was accidentally released. john planters was being held on assault charges and was mistakenly let out monday. police are now looking into what may have happened. we'll have more for you on this at let's
Jul 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
now died from heat-related illnesses here in maryland this summer. 10 of them in baltimore city. >> like the others, they follow the same pattern. they tend to be older. all of them are over the age of 45. they're distributed around the state. >> reporter: the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions are most vulnerable. and that message is getting out. >> if you do have somebody elderly in your family, you do need to check on them. especially if they don't have air conditioning. >> reporter: one step that could prevent the death toll from rising as we head into august. maryland has issued 12 heat advisories this summer already. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage of this heat. to get updates on the forecast, log onto >>> well, new weather alerts are coming to the bay bridge to protect drivers during dangerous storms. the transportation authority will upgrade its early warning system, allowing it to close the bridge more quickly when strong wind gusts hit. they hope to guard against incidents, such as t
Jul 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
by this scheme. >> reporter: is there any doubt in your mind that these banks hurt the city of baltimore? >> absolutely no doubt. we cannot stand by when we feel that we are being cheated. >> reporter: stephanie rawlings- blake, the mayor of baltimore, says the libor manipulation hurt america's cities at the worst possible time, the height of the recession. as the city balanced a budget deficit by closing fire stations, recreational centers, and schools, the mayor says the banks added to the deficit with artificially low interest rates that underpaid the city on investments. officials estimate the loss at up to several million dollars. given the deficit that you faced to begin with-- $65 million, $68 million-- are you saying the banks piled on? >> you're talking about $1 million or $2 million-- that, you know, that's a fire company, that's recreation centers, that's, you know, services that our city needs, and we're going to fight for that. >> reporter: in downtown baltimore, the head of the firefighters union, michael campbell, says the closing of some fire stations slowed down the resp
Jul 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
stake melts available. eat fresh. back over to you. >> thank you. >>> a baltimore city firefighter is arrested during an fbi raid accused of running an online prostitution ring. mike schuh has more. >> reporter: good morning. a city firefighter still on the job after receiving probation in a 2010 arrest for prostitution and human trafficking was again arrested for the same crimes. police say jamar simmons who worked as a firefighter and franklin coit were locked up. they found a gun, ammo, drugs sex toys, boxes of condoms and bookkeeping that documents the prostitution ring. simmons got probation in the previous case. he's now off the job without pay while his new legal troubles play out. i'm mike schuh reporting from police head quarters. back to you. >> thanks. >>> late r this morning the board of estimates will consider giving baltimore's fire chief a raise even after companies were closed to save money. the mayor is extending the contract until 2018. he will get a $3,200 raise. the proposal isn't sitting well of most people. >>> a car crash takes the life of alex cogera. he wor
Jul 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
in the plane. he survived and is recovering. >>> underarmor honors a baltimore city schoolteacher for refining what it means to be a woman athlete. she trained girls for 10 weeks until they would run 1 mile. she gets an underarmor sponsorship deal that includes training and athletic gear. stay with wjz 13, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> jeff daniels approves. he says good music. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we've been watching jeff daniels in memorable roles for three decades, like "dumb and dumber," "terms of endearment" and god of carnage. >> he takes on the role of an anchor man with personal demons. >> your father, he was an abusive alcoholic. >> i didn't say that. >> but he was, right? >> you got that in the 40 minutes that i've been sitting here that seemed like a week and a half? can i have a prescription now? >> he hit you? >> come on. >> he hit you, right? >> how many times did you see goodwill hunting? >> he hit you, yes. he hit your mother. >> yes. >> you have a brother, two sisters. he hit them, right? >> look, he didn't hit anybody once i was old enough to hit him back. >> jeff daniels
Jul 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
means that landlords cannot evict tenants for owning pit bulls. >>> baltimore's city fire chief getting a raise. the city council approved a new 6 year contract. by the ended -- end of the deal his salary will be $28,000 higher than his current pay. three city fire companies just closed due to budget constraints. >>> ann arundel county police are forced to use a taser on a man running naked through the street. police found james frederick brown partly nude. police say he threatened officers resisted arrest and it took several officers and a taser ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." the enchanting unusual broadway musical "once" took home eight tony awards last month, including best musical. >> oscar independent film in 1996. tells the story of an irish musician and immigrant drawn together by love of music. >> the show's gifted star, steve kazee and cristin milioti are here. >> great to have you here. full disclosure, anybody associated with this show i became obsessed after seeing it. this is a lot of people feel go in not knowing what to expect and walk out of
Jul 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
. the majority still in baltimore county. there are also more than 14,000 customers in baltimore city, 6,000 in ann arundel and more than 2,000 in howard county. >>> today a south baltimore drug dealer is behind bars. police got a warrant to search charles wilson's home. inside they found $11,000 in cash, a police scanner, weapons and some illegal drugs. wilson now faces drug and drug trafficking charges. >>> a body recovered from the water in baltimore county may be that of a missing jet skier. yesterday the coast guard suspended its search for 47-year-old harry gillis after his unmanned jet ski washed up in the area on tuesday. the identity has not been confirmed. >>> despite concerns about large events will be held in the inner harbor the 4th of july fire works show went out without any major incidents. police boosted their presence and brought in help from surrounding documents and fenced off part of the harbor. 200,0 #00 -- 200,000 people were expected to be there. >>> stay tuned to wjz
Jul 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
award the six medals. >>> a baltimore city man is behind bars charged with murder. two men got into an argue. brown stabbed a man. >>> and stay with us, maize news station. up next, emily has a sneak peek inside the pages of her late [ female announcer ] the coffee house. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios, it was like somebody like took our computer shook all the junk out of it. [ male announcer ] don't settle for the same old cable technology. now you can move up to verizon fios with no annual contract required for just $99.99 a month for a year you'll get a fios triple play and our whole home solution -- including a high speed wireless router plus a new multi room dvr and hd set top box free for 6 months. with fios the internet was five jab
Jul 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
the weekend. >>> spend ing millions to make biking more safe. baltimore city is $1.5 million. part of the grnt money will go to way to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news up. up next the mishap that closed down an international airport. the world's first dmroeting,, [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. >>> this brand new roller coaster in vallejo, california, a ride to thdo nowhere sunday. it stranded a dozen riders two hours. rescuers in buckets brought them water finally the ride was restarted backwards and brought the riders safely to the ground. welcome back to cbs "this ought morning" from the cbs broadcast center in los angeles. >> were you thinking, i love a roller coaster and would love to do that. >> i did. i do love a roller coaster. from anywhere -- i do love roller coaster. >>> boeing's brand new 787 passenger jet facing new trouble
Jul 19, 2012 4:30am EDT
at the intend sea, air and space museum in new york city. >>> and another attraction in baltimore the historic mansion house at the maryland zoo reopens today. built in 1801 the house has been a home to a restaurant, a day school and to bird. it opens tonight at 5:30. >>> can you buy local? that's the challenge and it starts on saturday. today governor o'malley is hosting a buy local cookout at government house. so this is basically what you're encouraged to do. use one locally bought product for each of your meals. >>> and check this out. a piece of toast now going in the auction block in london. looks -- okay. but this is not just any normal piece of toast. it was served to prince charles the morning of his wedding to princess diana 1981. it's expected to fetch around $800. i think the obvious question guys this morning if you're watching at home is why? >> why. >> i'd pay $1,000. >> of course you would. >> $2,000. >> our facebook question something to think about this morning. whose toast would you buy? let us know and weigh in on facebook. >> not that piece of toast. >> lauren cook is here
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
to help with the power. don, back to you. >>> baltimore city police shot and killed a man. they witnessed 38-year-old michael woodty assault a woman. when they approached the man took off. an officer chased him. during a scuffle the officer shot the man. >>> a man missing in the rubble of a wear house was found dead inside. rescue crews pulled the body of 46-year-old roland haggins. a fort lift operator knocked over some shelves which knocked over the roof. >>> the search for a missing better is resuming this morning. the coast guard suspended the search last night. he was aboard a boat that capsized on saturday morning. four others were rescued by a fishing boat and the guard. the fifth man still has not been found. >>> today the ann arundel council is scheduled to vote on emergency legislation that would require all public pools to have a defibrillator. it's called conner's law. it is named after 5-year-old conner freed who died at a club pool in 2006 when he was not revived. the legislation needs five votes to pass. >>> with temperatures expected to approach the triple digits today, th
Jul 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
house and medics say she was pronounced dead at the scene. >>> baltimore city police are asking for your help in finding a missing teen. cameron will kerr son was last seen thursday. he is a foster child and said to be development mentally challenged. police are asking anyone with information to call 911. >>> bge says the electricity and air-conditioning for some are back on for customers knocked out from last weekend's violent storm. crews were able to restore more than 748,000 customers. that's just short of the mark set by hurricane ie rein that knock -- irene that knocked out 756,000 customers. >>> that blue crab is on show at the aquarium. >>> [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ]
Jul 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
september the 4th. >>> the baltimore city department of public works is urging people to conserve water due to a potentially dangerous water main. it runs under train tracks. using a robot camera, dpw spotted serious rust damage inside the 54-inch rain leading from the infiltration plant in baltimore. tests are scheduled for later this morning. >>> four people charged in the videotaped beating of a tourist on st. patrick's day pled guilty. parsons has been sentenced to one year in jail. carter and davis were sentenced to time served. baldwin will be sentenced december the 11th. >>> for break knees winner i will have another has been sold for $10 million. he was sold to a japanese firm. he will now be on stud coustic guitar: pop ] [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ ♪ i just want to be okay today ♪ - ♪ i just want to know today ♪ - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today ♪ - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about...
Jul 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
police -- baltimore city police are looking into a deadly home invasion. three people shot. one man is dead, two others survive. police believe this is possibly drug related. so far there are no arrests. >>> if you dread waiting in line at the motor vehicle administration, maryland drivers under the age of 40 can renew online. in the future they will accommodate the vision test for drivers #40e -- 40 and older. stay with wjz 13. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." from where to live to how to spend your money there is a lot to know about being retired. >> executive editor ken budd of the magazine of "aarp" tells us the top five things everyone needs to know. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> so this is what you're telling us is what we need to know about being retired. >> exactly, right. >> so, what do we need to know
Jul 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
serious rain. almost 2 inches in northern sections of baltimore county. south of the city, downtown that, a little more than half inch almost. and bwi just a quarter. south of us, almost nothing fell on the lower eastern shore. and not very much either, far western maryland. hagerstown only had 9/100ths of an inch. tonight, areas will get downpours. others won't see a drop. >>> thank you, bob. let's go check on the roads with kristy breslin. she's at wjz traffic control. hello, kristy. >>> delays pretty much everywhere. traveling on that west side inner loop, expect at least 25 minutes to security boulevard. on the north side of the inner loop, delays stretch there from york road around the perring parkway. and northbound 95, that's one long delay. begins at 395 and goes well past whitemarsh boulevard. westbound heavy from the patapsco river bridge to the beltway. also eastbound very heavy there, as you make your way towards the beltway. as far as city accidents go, plenty of them. west franklin at pulaski. north carolina, east fayette. and curtis avenue at ben hill. let's take a live lo
Jul 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
parts of the state. we are already at 76 in baltimore, some 60s in the mountains, 77 ocean city this morning. everyone on this map at least in the 70s as we head through the afternoon we're going to up 93. chance for a couple of showers or thunderstorms through the day. we'll have that forecast coming up. >>> here's what people are talking about this morning. a maryland man calling himself a joker is found with an arsenal of weapons after police say he threatened to shoot up his workplace. wjz has complete coverage of this threat. jessica kartalija talks with the stunned neighbors but first we have meghan mccorkell. >> early friday morning the swat team gathered outside this crofton apartment complex. >> police found an ors nel of weapons -- an arsenal of weapons. >> we take all threats seriously. if you're going to make a threat we will take action. . >> police say prescott made threatening phone calls to his boss. the bat man threat sets off police. >> police came here to prescott's apartment. he answered the door in a disturbing t-shirt. >> the individual was wearing a t-shir
Jul 30, 2012 6:30am EDT
and white mar nsh marsh in to the city. if you are using the jfx, a 12 minute ride from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. a live look at the west side, traffic starting to pick up at baltimore national pike. you are looking at a 14 minute ride from 795, towards 95. here is how traffic is shaping up. inner loop, no problems towards 95. the outer loop picking up towards towson. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >>> the prosecution will formally charge james holmes, the man 12 people and injuring 58 others while in aurora, colorado. sherrie johnson is here with what is expected in court today. >> lots going on in court today. today the prosecution will formally charge james holmes for the shooting death of 12 people and wounding 58 hours. holmes could face hundreds of charges including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts of attempted murder, reckless endangerment for the explosives found in his apartment. some victims and families will be in court. at the center is a notebook holmes sent to a psychiatrist, the book includes plans for a massacre. >> if a psychologist o
Jul 19, 2012 5:30am EDT
the jfx to get into the city though fortunately no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. a live look in downtown baltimore right now where repairs continue on that massive water main break. it continues to shut down light street between baltimore street and lombard street. use mass transit if you can and other alternates include hopkins place or even fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. stay with us, there's much more coming up on "good morning maryland." [ male announcer ] want the most enjoyment from your home entertainment? here's the perfect solution. switch to a verizon fios triple play and upgrade your entertainment equipment with our 100% fiberoptic network and whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router, plus a new multi room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. hurry. switching has never been easier with the fios whole home solution. upgrade your home with one easy package. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to life on fio
Jul 20, 2012 7:00am EDT
out in the city, watch for the water main break between east baltimore. fortunately, the rains will clear up. there's a live lookout side. this traffic report brought to you by bge smart energy saver program. don't forget to pick up led bulbs for your home. bge smart >> sharon, thank you. this morning we have a school closure to pass along due to a power outage. mother nature leaves behind a mess after mother nature hits our area. >> reporter: good morning jessica and everyone. these trees still down here in canton. recently killing power for some and causing streets and low lying areas to flood. this is the street as water cascades into the streets. many cars nearby and the downed trees and closed roads. our leak led water buckling the ceiling at the hilton downtown. all of the storm water run off is effecting the water quality of the bay. >> mike, thank you. the army private charged in the biggest league of private information in the u.s. history wants to defend himself. the trial inning continues at fort meade. he wants to argue in part that the leaks didn't do m
Jul 13, 2012 7:00am EDT
to an all time low all while the department received less money from city hall. i'm reporting downtown, back to you on tv hill, jessica. >> thanks. >>> in brake light -- baltimore county police are investigating a double shooting. police were called just after midnight. they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one was pronounced dead. >>> hazmat crews respond to bwi after an emergency landing sends two flight attendants the hospital. authorities say at some point a flight attendant became sick. when the flight landed a second attendant became ill. the hazmat team says the sickness was triggered by a cleaning agent. no other passengers or crews were sickened. >>> up next actor bryan cranson í has drama >>> how can you not move when you hear that song? >> very good job. >> challenge you to not dance to mj. welcome back to "cbs this morning." bryan cranston entertained us for years and made history as the first performer on cable to win three emmys in a row as outstanding lead actor. >> now he's back for one more season as a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer in "breakin
Jul 5, 2012 4:55am EDT
overnight with two two alarm fires in the city. we first told you about this at shortly before midnight. that first fire broke out inside a home on roberts street in west baltimore. that was reported around 11:30. now the second fire also a two alarm job started at the ambassador theater on liberty heights around midnight. investigators aren't exactly sure what started the fire. the ambassador you see video in from overnight. >>> anne arundel county police on the scene right now of the overnight drowning it happened in brock lynn park. once again in anne arundel county. and abc2's sherrie johnson is here with all new information. >> reporter: charlie i've been in contact with anne arundel county police this morning. we have confirmed a 4-year-old child has drowned at a pool at a home in brooklyn park in anne arundel county. we have all new video of the scene. police tylotes child was found unresponsive in the pool at the home at 601 old riverside road. the call came in around 10:00 last night and the child was taken to harbor hospital and police are still investigating this cas
Jul 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
heat is catching up with those who have been without power for a week now. we visited a west baltimore man who would could -- could no longer tolerate the temperatures. he was taken away with a heatstroke. eight people have died from the heat. bge hoped to add 100 out of state workers yesterday, instead they got 250 more to tackle the outages. about 20,000 have had their service restored in the past 24 hours. reporting in north baltimore, mike schuh. >>> a man is behind bars after a police involved shooting. it happened last night just outside the maryland campus. officers shot the man after he try today steal a police cruiser. he crashed it into a brick barrier and was taken to the hospital. nobody else was hurt. >>> four men are under indictment after a meth lab was discovered inside the holiday inn after someone tipped them off. each man faces a number of charges. >>> stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next travel websites that will make your summer vacation the best yet. actor allen coming talks ability -- about his roll on the cbs hit show the >>> wow. hello long beach.
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
't need the jobs. host: baltimore, mike, democrat l line. caller: i grew pickup a midwestern city famous for high quality manufacturing and as a kid i remember the claims of everyone around me, you know, made in milwaukee, the best. now i go home and they say that is over. all the firms are gone. that pride in workmanship is gone. but what has changed is we are globalized. so, wisconsin is just one node in a global economy. so, we have to get back in a global economy to where we were. we have to actually do what germany does. capture the highest value added parts of the commodity chain in the global economy. i think we can do it. host: "new york times" a story page a-8 that the headline says u.s. charges men on the iran embargo that the justice department unsealed the indictment of two men for conspiracy to violate the embark against iran by trying to smuggle restricted equipment and materials suitable for goes centrifuge to enrich uranium in the country. they had been made in the united states. a 24-page indictment handed down accuse accused them of working together and with others to b
Jul 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
at the height of the storm, sunday morning. anne arundel county, here in the city, 48,000. total of 166,408 bge customers without electricity. >> last night family and friends of a baltimore county teen who died after a fight with an off duty county police officer, take theirs frustrations to the state's attorney offices. christopher brown died from asphyxiation. the officer has been indited on manslaughter charges the family thinks more serious charges should be lodged. >>> in westminster police looking for a man who assault add young woman near mcdaniel college the man approached the woman asking for a cigarette before slamming her into a stone column at that point she managed to runaway the man sought is also being described late 20s early 30s with a buzz cut. >> stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, complete here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one
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